Italiani persi in Italia

Installation | Variable dimensions | Italy | 2019

(video, audio, drawings, photo)


"Italiani persi in Italia (Italians lost in Italy) is the reconstruction of a room inside a contemporary house, located in a dystopian future in which the Italian peninsula, in the span of one night of misfortune, sinks in the Mediterranean Sea.
Thanks to drawings, sound and video, the artist takes us to an immersive space where he investigates concepts such as the Ungrund and the opposition between world-for-us and world-in-itself.
Absurdity and (relative) impossibility are fundamental parts of the narration that the group of works suggests." 

Maria Paola Zedda, Curator


Transiti: tracce, mappe, cammini del nomadismo contemporaneo, MUST Museum, Vimercate (Italy)

Curated by Maria Paola Zedda

This Installation has been created during the artist-in-residence program V_AIR in Vimercate (Milan, Italy).

Part of this installation is included in the MUST Contemporary art collection.

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